Bally 6173075 Bakud Wedge Heels Blue

Bally 6173075 Bakud Wedge Heels Blue

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Bally’s Bakud Wedge Heels are crafted from textured-leather and constructed with a thick sole to ensure a supportive and secure fit. They are sturdy and go with everything from flared pants to breezy dresses. Fall wardrobe essentials you must have to complete your closet.These fall essentials will give your closet the refresher it needs. From two-tone floral dresses and rose prints , to stripes, boots, mules, metallics, colour red, glitter, plaid & buttons, robes. These trends have become essentials that are dominating our wardrobes, street style and runways!

•Color: Blue
•Material: Lamb Leather
•Wedge Heels
•Buckle ankle Strap for fastening